About ThermaCELL Heated Products

Where We’ve Been

Schawbel Technologies LLC is a spin-off from The Schawbel Corporation (TSC), which was sold in July 2014. TSC was founded 34 years ago by William Schawbel, a successful and seasoned consumer products executive from Gillette. TSC initially focused on cordless heat technology that utilized a replaceable butane cartridge as a power source. This technology was patented and trademarked “ThermaCELL”. The first launch of products was in the hair care category allowing the user to heat and use a curling iron without a cord.  The product line was extended to include straighteners, and was sold in 2004, which then allowed Schawbel to explore other uses of the patented technology using a butane fuel cell.

The ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent product was invented by TSC and introduced to the market in 2003. Today it has worldwide distribution, and has been deemed the most effective mosquito repellent in the marketplace. The ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent business was part of the sale of TSC in July 2014.

How Heated Products Came To Be

Working with avid outdoors enthusiasts over the past 12 years, it was repeatedly voiced that cold feet had a negative impact on time spent outdoors. This outpouring of requests for a product that could warm feet to a controlled, comfortable level inspired the development of ThermaCELL Heated Insoles using a unique power source—rechargeable lithium batteries. Its initial success in the pilot stage during 2011 developed into a global business with product offerings for a casual user (Original Heated Insoles) to an all-day enthusiast (ProFLEX Heated Insoles). Schawbel expanded its cold weather products to include ThermaCELL Heat Packs that use the same proven technology as Heated Insoles. With the addition of ThermaCELL Heat Packs, ThermaCELL Heated Products can now keep you warm from head to toe.

You May Not Know

Schawbel Technologies continues to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors (Gillette & TSC), using patented technology to promote a range of state-of-the-art consumer products to meet every day needs. In doing so, it has developed a unique infrastructure to support exploration, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of consumer products in the global market. This structure includes a boutique consulting company, The Schawbel Group and an extensive list of offshore strategic partners. 

The Schawbel Group provides consumer product consultants across all aspects of the global consumer business. This includes market research, product development and design, market launch, day-to-day sales and marketing management, administration, warehousing and logistics.  The organization can create a virtual company to support all of the required business functions or be tailored to fit a client’s unique needs. From a repository of over 100 globally located executive-level professionals, an organization can be established within days and have the ability to execute with razor precision on all fronts. Over its 10-year history, clients have ranged from start-ups to well-established, publicly held companies.  

Schawbel’s corporate office is located at 2400 District Ave, Suite 150, Burlington, MA 01803.