How ProFLEX Heavy Duty Heated Insoles Work

ProFLEX Heavy Duty Heated Insoles

How It Works

ThermaCELL® ProFLEX Heavy Duty Heated Insoles utilize similar high-tech wireless thermal technology as other ThermaCELL Heated Insoles, but they feature easy operation from your Apple or Android smart device*, rather than a small remote control. Benefits of operating your insoles with a Bluetooth-enabled application include:

  • There is no need for an extra device (remote control)
  • Know when to recharge or swap batteries with the battery indicator
  • Operate insoles together or independently 

Based on the heat setting chosen on your ThermaCELL Heated Products App, ProFLEX Heavy Duty insoles heat to a specific temperature, providing you with just the right amount of warmth so your feet don't overheat then sweat and freeze. Like the thermostat in your home, Heated Insoles reach the temperature of your choice—then temporarily turn off—coming back on when more heat is needed. Smart-charging technology ensures the battery is fully charged in each heated insole, turning your regular cold-weather shoes into 4,250 hours of warmth. 

Designed with comfortable and durable materials for optimized cushioning and stability, the insoles will endure all-day pounding to help you stay on your feet all day long. They are so durable that they tested successfully to over 1 million footsteps!  Additionally, ProFLEX Heavy Duty feature removable, replaceable extended life batteries so you can swap them out without having to take the insole out of your shoes or boots.  And these batteries feature a resilient, shock-absorbing Poron battery cover for added cushion and protection.

*(View complete list of compatible devices at here. You can download the appropriate app for your device from the Apple iTunes App Store or from Google Play.)

ProFLEX Heavy Duty Diagram

What Makes ThermaCELL ProFLEX Heavy Duty Heated Insoles Stay Warm?

The antenna in ThermaCELL ProFLEX Heavy DutyHeated Insoles receives the signal from your smart device via Bluetooth® wireless technology, passing operation instructions to the control board, which controls the heater. Paired with the same type of battery used in mobile phones and laptop computers, the Extended Life lithium-ion polymer batteries are thin, lightweight, and will last up to 8.5 hours a charge. These Extended Life batteries are easily removable and rechargeable in only 2 hours. Simply replace the drained batteries with a second, charged battery pack set and enjoy your favorite cold-weather activity even longer!


  • Completely wireless
  • Warmer than other versions of ThermaCELL Heated Insoles
  • Each charge lasts up to 8.5 hours
  • Quick-charge technology in 2 hours or less
  • Rechargeable well over 500 times for years of use
  • USB charging
  • Operated via Bluetooth technology using the ThermaCELL Heated Products App
  • Highly water-resistant
  • Polyurethane foam provides flexibility and comfort
  • Easy to insert into a variety of shoes and boots
  • Durable, breathable and shock absorbent material
  • Customizable to most foot sizes
  • Uses cushioned, rechargeable, removable Extended Life lithium-ion polymer batteries