How Heat Packs Work

How It Works

A rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery powers ThermaCELL’s Heat Packs. The micro USB port on top of the unit connects to your charger, charging in 4 hours or less. Three heat settings ensure that you are warmed at an even temperature for up to 6 hours per charge utilizing a button on the bottom of the Heat Pack. Simply select the temperature that is right for you: Low (106°F); Med (110°F); High (116°F). Heat Packs can easily be turned off at the touch of a button. 

Pocket Warmer Blowout

Built to Last

The heated surface is lined with a durable, medical-grade silicone that is soft to the touch and will stand up to frequent use. The reverse side is made of molded TPU, which is shock-resistant and easy to grip. ThermaCELL’s Heat Packs are available in two convenient sizes—Hand Warmers (small) and Pocket Warmer (large). 

Bluetooth Technology

The ThermaCELL® Heat Packs - Pocket Warmer with Bluetooth® uses Bluetooth technology to operate your Pocket Warmer via the ThermaCELL Heated Products App. The app will also allow you to monitor your battery charge with its battery level indicator. You can still operate your Pocket Warmer using the button on the device, but if you have the Pocket Warmer under layers of clothing, you no longer have to dig it out to adjust the temperature or turn it off. Simply perform these operations from your smart phone (iOS or Android: see list for compatible devices here.) Download the app for your device from the Apple iTunes App Store or from Google Play. 


ThermaCELL’s rechargeable 
Heat Packs - Hand Warmers and Heat Packs - Pocket Warmer provide constant warmth, unlike disposable, air-activated warmer packets. At pennies per use, your hands and body warm to the temperature of your choice, without causing you to overheat or not be warm enough.