Compare Heat Pack Products

This chart is a comparison of ThermaCELL’s Heat Packs to help you decide which are best for you.

ThermaCELL Heated Packs deliver what people who work and play outdoors want: warm hands.

  • More cost-effective than disposable hand warmers
  • Fit easily into any pockets, jacket, or pants
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery

Use the chart to figure out which product is ideal for your hands, and then see where you can buy ThermaCELL Heat Packs.

  ThermaCELL Heat Packs Competitor Disposable
(Air Activated) Heat Packs
Competitor Liquid Fuel
Hand Warmers
Rechargeable Batteries    
Can Turn Off    
Bluetooth Controlled *    
Adjustable Temperatures    
Consistent, Reliable Warmth  
Number of Recharges 500+ 0 0 (must refill fluid)
Lighter Fluid Needed    
Max Temperatures 116°F 156°F unpublished
Number of Uses 500+ 1 70
USB Charging    
Cost Per Use $0.16 $1.00 $0.29
Two Sizes Available  
Have Odor That May Spook Game    
Adjustable Length Lanyard Included *    

*Only the ThermaCELL Heat Packs - Pocket Warmer with Bluetooth features Bluetooth-operations and adjustable length lanyard. This product can also be purchased by push-button on product.

Download PDF of comparison table.